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Who will receive the packages within our charity organization projects?

In the scope of a project, charity organizations can place individuals and families on the list of potential care package recipients after checking their eligibility for help. After the project is closed, the charity organization selects the recipients from their list who will receive a care package.

Can we collect Platform donations and receive money?

No, charity organizations can  only create projects and collect donations for the purchase of the care packages; those are delivered directly to the people in need.

What are projects?

Projects can be created by charity organizations for collecting donations. With these donations, care packages are purchased and delivered to the people in need who have been verified by the charity organization. 

Can we join the Platform as a charity organization?

Yes, if you are a representative of a charity organization, you can register an account on the Platform and create your own projects.  With them, you will be able to collect donations for the care packages, which will be delivered to the people in need that your organization recognizes as eligible for help. A complete step-by-step description of the process is available at this link ->

What is the minimum donation I can make?

The minimum amount is that of the value ofone care package. The current package values range  between 10€ and 40€.

Do you take commission from the donations made?

No, we take no fees and the Platform is free for all participants. Our operations and development are financed through separate private donations. 

Can I donate clothes or food?

No, we only accept donations in the form of card, crypto or bank transfer payments. Please refer to our partnered organizations (i.e. Ana’s Little Star) if you would like to donate physical goods.

You claim that the donations are 100% effective. How do you finance the payment processing fees?

The payment processing fees are partly financed through discounts from our partnered merchants and partly through separate private donations.

I have made a donation; how can I track it?

Upon payment, you will receive the link(s) to the Donation Tracker tool, where all events  regarding your donation will be displayed. Please note: the records are stored in a blockchain, so the actions get stored with a time delay.

I wish to donate as a guest; why do I need to provide my email or phone number?

In case that, for any reason, we will not be able to provide help to a particular family or individual, we will contact you and ask you to reallocate your donation. If we are unable to do so, we will reallocate your donation at our own discretion.

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