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 Help the girl Brina take her first independent steps
Starša deklice Brine

Help the girl Brina take her first independent steps

Starša deklice Brine
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Project published:11/23/2023

Currently funded:€650.00

No. of donors:14

Last donation:01/12/2024 at 17:03

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Currently funded: €650.00
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About Project
A letter from the parents of the girl Brina:

Brina is a girl. I will say a very special girl. It has been 12 years. She is the one who teaches our family understanding, patience, equality, will and joy for life. Brina has been a fighter since birth. Due to premature birth, she suffered severe respiratory distress resulting in cerebral palsy. Which means that all the body's self-evident functions we know are disabled for her. Walking, standing up, lifting, falling, balance, stability... She had an operation in the USA about 7 years ago, so that one day she will be able to be independent in her own frame. After this intervention, Brina, in addition to school, persistently performs the prescribed exercises every day, which are absolutely necessary to maintain her current condition after the intervention with therapies, otherwise this multi-year effort would have been in vain. Next year in March, Brina will have a check-up in the USA with therapies that are absolutely necessary for her. Unfortunately, Slovenian healthcare does not cover the costs of treatment abroad. In Slovenia, healthcare only covers two therapies per month, which is absolutely not enough for children with such a disability. That's why we take her to private therapies, which are not cheap. Brina did not feel her body before she was seven years old. Today, however, with the discipline on which we are building and which will build her to become solid as a rock, she perseveres, she is sure of herself and at the same time she feels that she is no different from the others. Brina is learning to walk and with a lot of patience and will she is slowly succeeding. In her sense, these are small steps, but they are movements. And that's important. With his stubbornness, will, persistence, he is not in a wheelchair today. He walks with canes, which is a huge success for our family. She is just a little away from taking independent steps.

We put a lot of effort into Brina and we have no regrets. We survive on minimal income, as Brina is our priority. Unfortunately, in our country, children with special needs are not well taken care of. We fight for her rights every day because we want to enable her to live a quality and independent life. We have to expose ourselves to the public, because the state did not help us with Brina's additional therapies. Many times we have to give up our desires, dreams and also joint trips. When Brina grows up, we wish her independence from all of us or foreign aid, because like other children, they deserve a quality life. We want her to learn independently about her life ahead of her and do things like other healthy children.
Your help would mean a lot to Brina. I would turn on the light for her healing and a better future.

How can you help her?
Teenager Brina has undergone 3 operations in the USA and is well on her way to walking independently, but she still has a lot of intensive therapy ahead of her, but these are not cheap, as our health insurance covers only a small part. This year, we started collecting again for therapies, examination and accessories at Dr. Park and for regular private therapy in Slovenia. I realize that it will be very difficult to do in the current situation prevailing in the country, but the feeling that you are not alone gives a sense of security and courage that pushes the limits of the impossible.

Help the girl Brina as much as you can and allow her to grow up to be a strong and independent person 🙏 Thank you ❤️
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