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About us

Inside all of us, there is a deep desire to make a difference, to help others. Moreover, we all can find ourselves in a position when we need assistance, either as a one-off or long-term.

We believe that helping others is our human duty. People are ready to help and give millions and millions, but the impact is low. What has gone wrong? We see philanthropy as one of the most noble missions humankind has ever known, and it should be an example for everyone to follow: in its efforts, transparency, efficiency and impact.

Therefore, we created and developed the Truhoma Platform. We are launching Version 1, funded completely by ourselves because we unconditionally believe in it:

Truhoma is a 100% transparent channel that brings 100% of your donation directly to the one you want to help. No interference, no charges, no delays.
From transparency to a better world.
We are grateful to have an amazing team, advisors and partners sharing the same vision.
Our Team

Ana is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, advisor, network builder, visionary, inspirational speaker and a passionate philanthropist with 10+ years experience. In 2010, Ana founded Anina zvezdica / Ana’s Little Star, now the biggest transparent non-profit organization in Slovenia. Boasting a team of 150 volunteers and run without money in their free time, it has helped over 280,000 families with food, hygiene & baby products, school supplies and toys.

As Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Truhoma organization, Ana draws her inspiration from her Truhoma life philosophy, which is now becoming a global movement transforming the philanthropic ecosystem.

Ana Lukner RoljicFounder & Chairman of the Board of Truhoma Fund Inc.
Iris SagiCEO Truhoma Fund Inc. & Board Member
Sašo KuntaričProduct Manager
Alma KovačProject Development Lead
Boštjan MrakCTO
Mirza HormanSoftware Developer
Sandra FerencOperational Manager
Kemal HreljaDevelopment Advisor
Edin TabakDevelopment Advisor
Maša RupnikLegal Counsel
Ljubo BratinaArt Director
Gregor PečarSEO & Analytics Specialist
Aljoša JagodicSEO & Research Specialist
Agata KendaYoungest star
We also have a team of eight developers from our partner companies. They cover the following segments:
  • Eligma: payments
  • Eligma Labs: blockchain development
  • Spartan Solutions: blockchain development
  • Evolt: general platform development.
Our Board of Directors
Susan Burrus ArrillagaBoard secretary (philanthropist)
Danny BozzutoBoard Treasurer (partner & carrier relations manager, Bozzuto & Associates)
Josh BurroughsBoard Member (partner & COO, Urban Catalyst)
Linda C. LawrenceBoard Member (strategic advisor, For Profit & For Impact)
Dejan RoljićTruhoma Board Member (founder & CEO, Eligma)
Nicholas E AdamsBoard Member (president & CEO, NINICO Communications)
Manly DanhBoard Member (founder & CEO
Douglas ParkBoard Member (Founder Park Legal, PC)
Tony PerkinsBoard Member (founder & editor, Cryptonite)
Anton MarinovichBoard Member (VP sales & success, HoloBuilder)
Diana SanchezBoard Member (senior vice president, Startup Banking / Silicon Valley Bank)
Truhoma Fund
Truhoma Fund, Inc. is our main legal entity, incorporated in San Jose, California, US. Why the Fund is needed:
Develops and maintains the Truhoma Platform as a software.
Identifies, measures and analyzes the underlying problems in philanthropy and charity processes as well as the real causes of poverty in different countries.
Searches for innovative approaches and high-tech applied solutions that aims to solve the problems identified.
Streamlines raw anonymized data, analytics and visualizations to Truhoma’s global ecosystem, including governments, decision-makers, philanthropists, charity organizations, and the general public worldwide.

In each country where the Truhoma Platform operates, a local Truhoma entity is established in order to manage, maintain and supervise the local platform and its operations.

In Slovenia, Zavod Truhoma is responsible for the operational, financial and legal processes connected to the Truhoma Platform.

The Truhoma Fund and Zavod Truhoma were established in 2021. Once financial reports for 2021 are ready, they will be available in this section.

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