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Help the children of a Residental group Reteče raise funds for an end-of-school trip
Oracle Slovenija

Help the children of a Residental group Reteče raise funds for an end-of-school trip

Oracle Slovenija
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Project published:12/06/2023

Currently funded:€260.00

No. of donors:10

Last donation:03/17/2024 at 09:46

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Currently funded: €260.00
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About Project
The festive season is here and it is a time to remember those who have special challenges. It is also a season full of hope, and that is why at Oracle we want to make a hidden wish come true. This year, we would like to help 8 children from the Reteče Residental group with a financial support for an end-of-school trip with a plane, as this would be their first trip on this means of transport.

In March 2021, a new residential group opened in Reteče - the sixth in a row within the Kranj Professional Centre. Up to 8 adolescents live in an idyllic environment, right next to meadows and forests, cared for by four teachers and a housekeeper. Together they explore the surroundings, keep the whole house tidy and sometimes sit at the table and create. Every day they learn something new, take care of their homework, play, talk and go on various excursions. They say that the residential community is interesting, but they also want to explore the wider environment and meet new people.

We at Oracle Slovenia decided to give these children something that would give them unforgettable experiences and memories. We want to make them happy with an end-of-school trip to Malta from 9 May to 12 May 2024. To this end, we are raising funds to cover the cost of the trip, worth €3,467.36, which includes a return plane ticket and a hotel in Malta for 12 people (8 children and chaperones).

We launched the project on the Truhoma platform because it allows 100% transparency and traceability of the entire donation. This is the kind of charity that we at Oracle fully support and want to follow. All donations collected will be 100% used to pay the invoice issued by the agency for the organisation of the trip for 12 people from the Rateče Residental group.

We invite you to join us in this charity gesture!

*Oracle celebrates 30 years of volunteering this year. Oracle has a community of employees working to make the world a better place. Oracle volunteers lead and participate in many projects with various non-profit organisations throughout the year. December is dedicated to community - where employees help those in need.

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