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What is the Truhoma Platform?

The Truhoma platform is a website where people in need can request help in the form of care packages with food, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, baby products or bill payment. The requests can be individual (made by families or individual persons) or facilitated through a project. Projects are published on the Truhoma Platform by charity organizations. The care packages are financed by donors and then delivered directly to the person in need.

How does the Truhoma Platform work?

The Platform enables families and individuals in need to make requests for the care packages or bill payment, and charity organizations to collect donations for the care packages that will be distributed to the people in need on their list. When a package request is fully financed or a project has been financed by one or several donors, the care packages are delivered to the people in need by our partnered merchants.

Why is the Truhoma Platform unique?

We track your donation from your payment to the actual delivery confirmation of the care package. The Platform stores these records permanently on the blockchain, and the records can be viewed through our Donation Tracker tool. The entire donation amount received is 100% spent on the purchase and delivery of the care package(s). We charge no fees and the Platform is free for all the participants. 

How is Truhoma financed?

We finance the operations and development of the Truhoma Platform through private donations to Truhoma Fund Inc. These are completely separate from the donations for the care packages.

Can I request financial assistance?

No. You can only make requests for predefined care packages with food, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, baby products or bill payment.

Do I need to provide personal data when applying for help?

Yes. In order to approve your user account, our verifiers need to check your identity and eligibility. We therefore need to collect your email address, phone number and a photo of your personal document with your address. Your information can be shared with the donors upon your request, but only in a very limited scope, e.g. your city, gender and the number of your household members.

Will I receive help when I apply for it?

There is no guarantee that the donors will support your request, but you can help them understand your situation better by filling out the “My story” section in the donation request. You can receive the care package or payment for the bill only after you have received a donation on the Truhoma Platform. 

How do I make a donation?

You can browse the donation requests and projects to support by using our Truhoma Explorer tool. Similarly to online stores, you can choose amount and make a donation by making card, crypto or bank transfer payment. 

Can I donate as a guest?

Yes, you can, but we will ask you to provide at least one way of contacting you (e.g. your email address or phone number) in case we need to reallocate your donation.

I have made a donation; how can I track it?

Upon payment, you will receive the link(s) to the Donation Tracker tool, where all events regarding your donation will be displayed. Please note: the records are stored in a blockchain, so the actions get stored with a time delay.

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