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The MovementIt is our duty as human beings to become the best version of ourselves. We must take care of one another and let our hearts guide our actions. TRUHOMA is bringing philanthropy back to people in its purest form.Become a partner
VisionTo become the global standard for transparent philanthropy.
MissionTo provide innovative technological solutions for transparent philanthropy.
ValuesTruth, Honesty, Trust, Empathy, Innovation and Technology, Passion, Love, Optimism, Empowerment, Caring, Integrity, Commitment, Movement, Transparency, Traceability.
Truhoma Manifesto

From where to where does good reach in the world?

The earth is round, so good has no end or place.

And from where to where can potential unfold?

From insignificant beginnings and all the way to the stars.

Recently also literally.

From whom to whom can a warm word or the first encouragement go?

From one who can to the one who has the will.

Because we believe in a good world.

From all our hearts. So we provide all 100% of the funds to all who just need a chance.

And all this openly to our donors.

Because we only want a good intention

between those who need support and those who give it.

That is why we introduce Truhoma.

From transparency to a better world.
Our Commitments
Revolutionize the world of philanthropy.
Scale the impact of donations and charity work.
Invest in technology for quality research and development.
Rally communities worldwide around those in need while preserving their dignity.
Work in equal partnership with donors, donees, charities and private businesses.
Provide free, transparent and safe charity service to donors and donees.
Our Standards
The donation data is stored permanently, with access to everyone. Philanthropic organizations should implement a transparent accounting and reporting system in compliance with the Truhoma guidelines on separation, integrity, clarity, measurability, readability, personal data protection and feedback.Learn more on how we protect data
The donation process can be tracked although all donee personal data is anonymized. Our tracing system enables forward- and reverse-tracking of the financial and material assets from the source (donor) to the actual recipient (donee) through all relevant intermediate entities, projects or steps.Donation Tracker
High impact: We believe in direct charity without intermediaries, who represent friction or take a part of the donation for their own organization, marketing, etc. 100% donations: Financial donations (in fiat and crypto) intended for people in need must have a 100% impact. The assets must be either: - directly transferred between the donor and the donee or - facilitated through a charity organization or - directly spent on the purchase of goods that the donee requires, with direct delivery to the donee’s address. Please note: The costs of financial transactions and currency conversions can not be avoided in many cases and are therefore excluded from this definition. The applicable payment costs must be transparently presented to the donor.
The aid recipients are carefully vetted. Eligibility standards for individuals and families Identity check: Each help recipient, either an individual or a family representative, is vetted in order to confirm the validity of the personal data and delivery address. Eligibility check: Each potential donee is obliged to provide the reasons or circumstances that led to their need for help; in order to protect their privacy, they can also choose generalized reasons like "health problems". Eligibility standards for charities Charity organizations that use the Truhoma Platform to facilitate the process of raising and distributing help are obliged to implement basic Truhoma Standards for individuals and families into their own standards, but can also broaden them at their discretion.
The solutions are designed to scale easily to a large number of participants. Truhoma processes and applications are developed in a way that can ensure: Geographic scalability: the philanthropic activities must apply to larger geographical regions, applying solutions that do not force the donees to travel longer distances or wait for longer time periods in order to receive help. Donation scalability: the organizations should provide solutions that are not limited to a certain number or volume of donations. Recipient scalability: the donation processes (except for the vetting) must be extendable to a large number of donees and must therefore not depend on available human resources, physical warehouse location or capacity, etc. The applications and network resources provided must enable concurrent access to a large number of users.
Free availability
All Truhoma software products and services are completely free of charge for all stakeholders: donors, donees and charities. No platform fees, surcharges or hidden costs are applied to any philanthropic platform or discovery, tracing or transparency tools. Donors must have a clear understanding of how their donation was spent and what its impact was. Charities should also not charge donees or donors for their services or subtract for their own operations any percentage from the donated assets dedicated for the donees. Charities should not be burdened with the associated costs that arise from philanthropic platforms, such as the costs of aid storage, distribution and shipping. Consequently, charities that use the Truhoma Platform should not charge the donees or donors for their services or subtract any percentage from the donated assets for their own operations.Truhoma FundCharities that choose to use the Platform should not charge the donors or donees for their services or subtract any percentage from the donated assets for their own operations.Charities
Join Truhoma as a partner
The Truhoma Movement welcomes individuals and organizations that want to join us on our path to revolutionize philanthropy and spread our values and standards.
Donate through the Truhoma Platform for the purchase and delivery of care packages for people in need.
Are you are an online store, offer food and/or hygiene products, and have your own delivery service? Join Truhoma as a provider of care packages.
Technology provider
Contribute to our vision and products with your skills and software solutions.
Charity organization
Register on the platform, provide a list individuals and families in need, and start creating donation projects to provide these individuals and families with care packages.
Volunteer with technical skills
Are you an IT expert, developer or a designer? Contribute to our efforts with your voluntary work! We will be very happy to connect you with our development team.
Become our Ambassador
Support Truhoma by sharing and representing Truhoma values and standards in your local community.
Service provider
Whether you are a financial institution, a marketing agency, a payment processor or any other service provider, your help will be greatly appreciated.
Can't find your role?
Want to be part of the Movement but don't fit any role on the list? Just contact us at [email protected].
Help with a donation for our development
The maintenance and further development of the Truhoma Platform will present significant costs. The Truhoma Fund, our mother legal entity, collects donations from our private donors to support our operations, innovation and technological development.Donations for the Truhoma Platform development are not intertwined with donations for helping aid recipients. If you want to become a partner or a private donor for platform development, please contact us at [email protected].
Creating Memories
Truhoma is powered by a team creating a positive impact and supported by people that are sharing our vision. Truhoma is a movement of true and honest mankind.
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