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How Truhoma works

The Truhoma Platform is a technological solution changing the way we give. It is a marketplace where donors, donees and charities connect, eliminating the need for (and the high cost of) millions of charity distribution operations worldwide..

The Platform is a web-based application enhanced by blockchain record-keeping. It enables donors to donate for the purchase and delivery of care packages requested by individuals, families or partnered charity organizations. In this, each donation and its spending is fully trackable and transparent.

Truhoma Platform featuresOur team and generous partners have developed a range functionalities that cover all the aspects of the donation process. The Platform development and maintenance cost, the cost of storing and analyzing traction data on the Platform, and the cost of the general operation of the Truhoma Fund are financed strictly through private funding completely separate from the donations for the care package recipients.
Donation requests
Individuals and household/family representatives can register, pass the identity and eligibility checks, and request care packages.
Charity organizations can create projects to receive care packages through the Truhoma Platform. The care packages are then distributed to the individuals and household representatives listed as part of the project.
Donors can explore donation requests and projects, and donate for one or several care packages requested through individual donation requests or charity projects.
The Platform
The Platform passes the orders for the care packages to the online stores and delivery services that supply and deliver the care packages directly to the individuals and families in need.
Future vision of Truhoma PlatformCurrent version of Truhoma Platform
  • Version 1.0is the first production version of the Platform with limited features, but already with integrated blockchain tracing abilities. It is limited to one country and one currency; currently, transnational donations or donations across currencies are not yet available.

    Planned versions
  • Version 2.0will introduce the ability to support additional countries, implement scalability improvements, and add several languages and currencies.
  • Version 2.5will enable peer-to-peer financial transactions for covering utiliy bills, cross-currency donations and customized care packages. It will also automate several manual processes such as identity and eligibility verification.
  • Version 3.0will introduce a mobile app and offline solutions for regions with poor Internet access. It will also introduce new payment methods.
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